Improve rubber performance

株式会社 竹原ゴム加工

1797 Kashimo, Nakatugawa,
Gifu Pref., Japan 508-0421



Ryuji Nakashima Chief Executive Officer

We further seek for the innovation we build up in history and correspond to customer request from domestic and overseas.

We, TAKEHARA RUBBER, have been challenging and striving for future success without satisfying in actual status. While Industry’s average shipment is more than 3 weeks, Takehara Rubber targets for “Within Three days Shipment” from the beginning of Chairman’s era and presents the structure of earliest “Next Day” shipment. Recently, “Same Day” shipment delivery becomes possible. Entire operation process is managed by network system so that process after order entry, weighing, kneading, quality inspection, delivery shipment, are automated by online with our unique system. Inventory information can be retrieved in real-time, furthermore, entire information throughout the factory operation, like where, who and what is going on, can be monitored. For this purpose, more than 150 Cameras are installed throughout factories.
To correspond to high-quality, various kind in low volume goods with balancing out short turnaround is our strength. Therefore, we sometime help out on a bridge passage business operation with a competing company in same industry who is no common business relation with us.

This industry is considered as demanding, dirty and dangerous job, but we from the beginning target “Clean and neat factory without getting dirty even wearing Suits” and strived thoroughly with 5S (Sorting, Setting-in-order, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining) like improvement activity resulted that we maintain number 1 cleanliness in the kneading industry. We are sure that person once visited to our factory may become our fan.

We appreciate for 1500 or over customer throughout Japan. Export business takes more than 10% of overall business. We are sure that we are the number 1 company in special kneading industry, but we never compare with our competitor in the same industry. Objectives (theme) always reside inside the company. We consider important to continue and further develop things we have operated in the past. Whilst assuming everything and anything, corresponding to various kind of request from customer, supplying quality stable products without having any variation, and continue seeking as short as possible turnaround, are directly connecting with customer’s satisfaction also connecting with our company’s backbone principle.

Rubber Kneading industry will be advancing further from now on. Rubber products too. We will play a part of this advancing process so that we contribute to kneading industry.

Chief Executive Officer
Ryuji Nakashima